LUGOL 15% 1 fl.oz(29.56ml) PLUS Dropper( supplied with the Lugol’s . The dosage suggested dosage  has been taken  for 3 percent.



Sold in convenient 1 oz.
pharma-plastic bottles

Glass Bottle with dropper supplied so can use for measurement. Can insert some of the lugols in the glass bottle with the fropper as the Pharma Plastic bottle does not have a dropper with it.


But what is a “drop” ? (our calculation at left, we use the “metric drop” to arrive at 1.45 mg. of iodine per drop.
So — in the name of accuracy, since for strictly supplemental purposes, most people will find one drop per day adequate. We provide the following table as an errata addendum:



How Much Iodine In a Drop?

This is only a guideline. Please work out your own dosage

Lugol’s is now made in different strengths — differing from the original formulation (see A History of Lugol’s). Using our formula (see sidebar at far right), you use the following calculation. Since the density of Lugol’s is close to that of water, you can use the traditional equivalency of one “metric” drop = .05mL, or 20 drops per milliliter — note that a metric drop differs from a medical drop (1/12 mL) or an Imperial drop. One ml. contains 2.913% iodine and iodine compound (potassium iodide — you divide 4,120 ml. by 120 ml to get 2.913%). Each bottle, therefore, contains about 47.3 teaspoons. (Divide 236.52 ml. in one 8 fl. oz. bottle by 47.3, as a check sum exercise, and you get 5 ml. per teaspoon.) Using the formula we provide on the right panel, 4,120 ml. (4 liters) contains roughly 120 grams of iodine. One 8 fl. oz. container contains 6.89 grams (6,890 mg.). Divide by 47.3 and you get 145.63 mg. Thus, 2/3 of one teaspoon yields roughly 100 mg. of iodine. The U.S. RDA for iodine is 80 to 150 µg; the European RDA is 150 µg). Thus, one teaspoon of Lugol’s is roughly 1,000 times this amount!

The following information is taken directly from our Lugol’s label. Please keep in mind that your dosage is dependent on whether you are using Lugol’s as a supplement, or for therapeutic purposes and/or at the advice of a medical practitioner: Supplemental Dosage (3%): One drop (roughly 1.45 mg: see panel at left for calculation). Directions: Take one drop per daily for general health. In times of bacterial or viral infection, take three tsp. (145 mg.) three times per week (i.e Monday, Wednesday, Friday), or as recommended by your health care practitioner. Take Lugol’s on an empty stomach about 20 minutes before eating in an 8 oz. (236 ml.) glass of distilled or purified water with one teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar added for slight acidification. * For U.S. Users: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Supplement Facts: Serving size: one (1) drop. Servings per container: 5,676. Ingredients: Distilled water, potassium iodide, iodine crystal. Warning: All iodine products can be toxic, or even deadly, if taken in excessive amounts. Follow the directions precisely and keep out of reach of children.