An Mien Formula (An Mien Pian)

Ziziphi Spinosae Semen (Sour Date Seed, Jujube Seed /Suan Zao Ren) 25%
Polygalae Radix (Polygala Root, Licorice-boiled /Qing (Zhi) Yuan Zhi) 20%
Poriae Sclerotium Pararadicis (Poria Spirit /Fu Shen) 16%
Gardeniae Fructus (Gardenia Fruit /Zhi Zi) 15%
Jujubae Fructus (Jujube Date /Hong Zao, Da Zao) 12%
Amomi Fructus Rotundus (Chinese Cardamom /Bai Dou Kou) 4%
Amomi Fructus (Amomi Fruit /Sha Ren) 4%
Raphani Semen (Radish Seeds, dry-fried /Chao Lai Fu Zi) 4%

Chinese Medical Actions
Nourishes heart qi, yin, and blood, supports spleen qi, calms and stabilizes shen (spirit), opens the heart orifice, resolves phlegm in the heart, lung and stomach, drains heat from all three burners, transforms and regulates the qi of the heart and stomach, aids sleep.

Dream-disturbed sleep
Fragility, feeling of
Panic attacks
Shen, disturbed

Tongue: Could be pale or small and red, possibly with thick coating.
Pulse: Two categories apply. If deficiency is primary, the pulse may be weak, feeble, or thin and rapid; if phlegm or stagnation is primary, then it may be slippery.

Contraindications: Do not use if pattern is excess heat. Do not use during acute illness.