Adrena Pan C – Global Enzyme


Adrenal Support – Adrena Pan C

Adrenal and spleen nucleic acids are included in this formula as natural constituents of various vitamin C coenzymes, particularly those used in adrenal function.
For those who are busy, stressed, and overwhelmed. For adrenal support, exhaustion, and stress. The adrenal glands are considered THE STRESS GLANDS, and many times are the first to fail in the endocrine glands when put under stress, such as malnutrition or injury. Supplies specific tissue determinates of adreanl and spleen with other synergistic ingredients to promote adrenal function. Helpful in chronic fatigue (afternoon fatigue). Useful in respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Can be used effectively when there is a reaction to potassium food or an abnormal craving for salt.
250 Tablets